There’s a simple way to know if you’re an organ donor. Check your license to see the <3. If you’re one of the 74% of Hoosiers who have this little mark, we have a message for you.
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Saying yes to organ donation is such a small action that has wide spread consequences. Just like sharing a post or video. Watch as Maggie’s thank you spreads one <3 at a time.
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Myths about organ donation.
Meet Maggie
Maggie is why we're here. She was the recipient of a lifesaving heart transplant. This is her story.
We were so young. Tom and I on our wedding day. June 14, 1986.


Saturdays in July tend to be hot and humid in Indiana, but this day was different. The weather was perfect for being outside. Neighbors were out enjoying a cool morning with bright blue skies. Our son, Nick, had been visiting and was getting ready to go back to school. Our daughter, Jordan, and son-in-law, Chris, were celebrating his birthday in Washington, DC where they live. And I decided to go for a run.

My name is Maggie. I was 54 years old and had been running for a few years. Lately though, I hadn’t been feeling very good. I often felt tired and more recently I had difficulty catching my breath. In fact, a few weeks earlier I ended up in the ER when I fell to the ground after mowing our lawn on a typically hot July day. The doctors didn’t think it was a big deal telling me I just over-heated and should be fine. I had a few benign arrhythmias, but they were harmless they said. I had no problems with my heart. They sent me home. I followed up with my doctor who told me I needed more salt in my diet and I was (again) fine.

Our family. Tom and I. Jordan and Nick. 2000.
This was a great day, when we welcomed Chris, Jordan's new husband, to our family. May 28, 2016.

I set off on my run. And that's all I remember from that morning.

About 40 minutes after I left, my husband, Tom, got the call no one expects. A person we didn’t know was calling him from my phone. I had gone into cardiac arrest just two blocks from our home. Complete strangers stopped to help me by starting CPR until the ambulance arrived. Tom ran up the street to see me laying in someone’s yard while EMTs gave me CPR and shocked my heart with a defibrillator in an effort to get it beating again. Not knowing if I would survive, Tom called Jordan and Nick and told them to come home.

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We’re the friends and family of Maggie. We watched and supported her as she went through her journey. This was our way of helping her tell her story.

As we learned more about organ donation we were blown away by the percentage of people who are donors in Indiana. But we also learned that a lot of people didn’t actually know if they were donors or not. We hope this can be a reminder to check your license.

It can change so many lives.

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